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1993 Superior Yunnan Pu-erh Y562 Black Box 中茶吉幸Y562盒装



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Superior Yunnan Pu-erh Y562 Black Box 100g 1993

1993 年中茶吉幸Y562盒装 100克 熟散茶

  • Improves cholesterol, healthy probiotics, promote weight loss, aid with digestion
  • aromatic & elegant

Y562 Pu-erh is one of our original Pu-erh teas from the famous state-owned tea factory 吉幸 “Ji Xing” in Yunnan Province, China. During the mid-'80s and early '90s, this factory produced top-quality teas and was well established around the world.

This particular tea was mainly exported to Japan, Europe, and North America which is why you'll find English on its original packaging. At the time, shipments took over three months to arrive at their destinations so this tea was packaged in plastic to avoid picking up any other odours or contamination along the way.

These teas were imported to our shop, Treasure Green in 1993 and released to our market in 2016. 1993 was regarded as an exceptional year for Pu-erh harvest with rich flavours of herb and earthiness. 

Note: This tea requires decanting for 4 weeks which will allow oxygen to aerate the tea and revitalize the leaves. We recommend storage in a non-airtight container like terracotta or porcelain. You will notice the beautiful aroma develop after 3 weeks of aeration.

  • Vintage: 1993
  • Antioxidant Level: Low
  • Caffeine Content: Medium
  • Origin: Yunnan, China
  • Product Code: PY251

Brewing Instructions:

  • 7g for 150ml porcelain or terracotta teapot/gaiwan
  • 1st infusion 95°C for 30 seconds and add time after the 3rd brew
  • Makes 6-7 infusions
1993 Superior Yunnan Pu-erh Y562 Black Box 中茶吉幸Y562盒装
1993 Superior Yunnan Pu-erh Y562 Black Box 中茶吉幸Y562盒装 Sale price$41.00 USD