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Yellow Tea 黃茶

Yellow Tea 黃茶

Yellow Tea is a rare tea and dates back over 4,000 years in China. In the past, this high quality tea was often reserved for Chinese Emperors' very own consumption and served only at the Imperial Court.

Yellow teas are a rare category with the best produced in Hunan. Smaller amounts are produced in Anhui, Zhejiang,Sichuan and Jiangxi.

Yellow Tea 黃茶 is a special tea processed similarly to green tea but with a slower drying phase where the damp tea leaves are allowed to sit and become yellow. The tea’s very yellow-green appearance and scent are different from white and green teas. The smell is sometimes mistaken for black tea if the tea is cured with other herbs. But similarities in taste can still be drawn between yellow, green and white teas.

Jun Shan Jin Zhen is a unique and rare tea. An experience that tea adventurous should try. The aroma is subtle vegetal, the taste is smooth and refreshing. Limited quality each year. Come in and taste one of Top Ten Famous Teas in China.

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    Meng Ding Yellow Tea 蒙頂黃茶Meng Ding Yellow Tea 蒙頂黃茶
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