Treasure Green’s
second generation tea masterSecond generation Tea Master Olivia

" A simple tea service could speak masses without saying a single word"

Olivia can’t remember a time when her father wasn’t making tea at home. It was a staple for her whole family. Growing up in Hong Kong, she found an appreciation for Chinese tea culture at a young age.

She loved how it brought the family together. It could be enjoyed through all the senses -- aroma, touch, look, and taste. She was fascinated by the way a simple tea service could speak masses without saying a single word. She's watched tea services that have acted as apologies, tokens of appreciation, and signs of respect.

Her father was a tea master. A person who was not only an expert in tea brewing, but had dedicated their life to understanding the essence of tea culture.

A great tea master can lead a guest through a journey best suited for that individual, taking into account experience, health, taste palate, and energy.

So when Olivia decided to follow in her father’s footsteps, she knew that she would have to uphold the very same standards. Training under her father, Olivia went on buying trips to China and learned the traditions of the tea business, from self-sourcing premium quality teas to mastering the tea ceremony.

To date, Olivia travels farm to farm on her annual buying trips to closely examine each tea’s growing methods and to connect with the farmers and their families. Many of which have been working with Treasure Green for 30+ years and continue using farming methods passed down for generations.

Olivia embraces the old with the new. She skirts both worlds, catering to both eastern and western sensibilities. She brings tradition, decades of tea experience, and passion to her shop, coupled with modern décor and quality products.

She stills serves some of her father’s loyal customers, while captivating a new generation of tea lovers who are drawn into an authentic Chinese tea experience and a balanced, healthy lifestyle.