Iron Buddha Tea (Tieguanyin) 鐵觀音茶

Original Jade Iron Buddha 正味清香鐵觀音

$55.00 USD

Original Jade Iron Buddha 正味清香鐵觀音

  • reduce stress, boost metabolism, rich in vitamins and minerals

The dry tea leaves are semi-curled and tightly knotted (resembling "dragonfly heads"), with reddish-brown stems and shiny surfaces. The tea soup is bright golden-yellow, with a smooth, lively, and flavourful taste. High fragrances of orchids and hint of sweet candy, with a clear a mellow taste, long-lasting aftertaste, and lingering fragrance on the palate.

This Iron Buddha (Tieguanyin) is particularly suitable for tea enthusiasts with tea experience and tea lovers that enjoy high aroma.  It is also suitable for Gongfu tea preparation. Most Iron Buddha (Tieguanyin) consumed by Anxi tea farmers themselves is of this craftsmanship.

  • Antioxidant Level: Medium
  • Caffeine Content: High
  • Origin: Anxi, Fujian, China   
  • Product Code: NA446

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