White Tea 白茶

Organic White Peony Special Grade (bestseller) 福鼎 (有機) 牡丹王

$30.00 USD

Organic White Peony (Special Grade) 福鼎 (有機) 牡丹王 

  • Ultra-high antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, lower risk of insulin resistance, protect against osteoporosis

Silky and delicate, this tea blends together a bright, sweetness with a mellow smooth texture. This tea is harvested shortly after White Silver Needles and it consists of one bud and two leaves. It’s also packed with many health benefits, high in antioxidants, improves detoxification and eyesight.

  • Antioxidant Level: Ultra-High
  • Caffeine Content: Very Low
  • Origin: Fuding, Fujian, China
  • Product Code: WF035

Brewing Guide:  1 tbsp 250ml 60 sec 80°C, or 3g 150ml 25 sec 80°C, add time after 3rd, 5-6 brews

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