Pu-erh Tea 普洱茶

Mini Mandarin Pu-erh 小青柑普洱 Kraft Box

$29.00 USD

Mini Mandarin Pu-erh 小青柑普洱

A unique citrus twist on traditional Pu-erh tea. This tea features 2014 Yunnan Imperial Court Shou Cooked Pu-erh packed and aged inside 2020 unripe mandarin peels.  Each box has 5-6 pieces, each piece weights 10-13 grams. 

Throughout the aging process, it develops incredible natural medicinal benefits including soothing qi, tonifying the stomach, clearing phlegm, moistening the throat, improving cholesterol levels, and helping with digestion.

Brewing Guide: brew one mandarin orange with 150ml of water, steep 35-40 sec 95°C, good for 9-10 brews.

  • Antioxidant Level: Low
  • Caffeine Content: Medium
  • Origin: Yunnan, China
  • Product Code: PY369

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