Porcelain Tea Cup 瓷器茶杯

Luohan Five Famous Kilns (Set of 5) 五大名窯羅漢杯

$112.00 USD

Luohan Five Famous Kiln Cup

This collection features the five most exquisite types of Chinese ceramics, made famous for their kiln finishes. Since the Song Dynasty, these types of ceramic finishes were produced in Northern China and have since become highly prized and respected.

(Ru) kiln: Carries tints of blue and green and is covered in a beautiful celadon coating, unveiling the finest surface cracks which grow more prominent with use.

(Jun) kiln: Influenced by the rich colours of iron and copper, Jun kilns produce a variety of colours, including opal luster as a key tone.

(Guan) kiln: Originally reserved for high-ranking royal officials, ceramics from these kilns have a signature sky blue celadon, finished with a beautiful gloss.  

(Ding) kiln: Elegant and classic, the Ding kiln site is located in Quyang, Hebei and were popular for producing pristine white porcelain.

(Ge) kiln: One of the most popular styles of ceramic finish, the Ge kiln comes in a rich deep jade colour and is covered in faint surface cracks.

  • 7.4 cm W x 4.5 cm H
  • Capacity: 95ml

Product Code: ACL5593

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