Jingdezhen Porcelain 景德鎭瓷器

Legacy Gaiwan Story of Our Logo

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The gaiwans in this collection are hand-crafted and made of fine Jingdezhen porcelain, recognized globally for being thin as eggshell and white as paper. The lid features a slim knob; easy to hold and handle. Its tall and elegant body holds 150ml, versatile for all teas. Read about the inspiration behind the art below.

Story of our Logo 祈嬡悅嗣 

I have always admired the Chinese name my father gave to this shop when he opened in 1981, 妙品馨茶莊, pronounced “Miu Bun Hing”.

Only after I took over the business did he share with me his inspiration behind the name. He told me that he chose this character “Miu” hoping that one day, his business would be carried on by one of his daughters. Luckily, it is me. The character is made up of two parts; on the left meaning “girl” and on the right meaning “young”. Together, the word “amazing” is formed.

Our logo today honours my father’s creativity and insightfulness. In the centre of the leaf is the original Chinese calligraphy hand-written by my father, representing the integrity, quality, and consistency of our products and the family business.

Material: Jingdezhen Porcelain
Measurements -

  • Gaiwan 10 cm W x 6.5 cm H
  • Saucer 12 cm W
  • Gaiwan with lid and saucer 10.25 cm H 

Product Code: AWJ5703

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