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Jian Shui Yunnan Teapot XiShi Thin 西施 (溥)

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Jian Shui Yunnan Ceramic Teapot XiShi Thin 西施 (溥)
王建國, 雲南建水陶藝 

  • Name: XiShi Thin 西施 (溥)
  • Material: Yunnan Jian Shui Ceramic
  • Capacity: 150 ml
  • Thickness: 7
  • Product Code: APX5845
  • Ideal for Oolong and Pu-erh teas

About the terracottaThe pottery clay of Jian Shui is extracted from WuCai Mountain in Southern Yunnan, which contains high iron levels, making the finished product very hard and strong. The surface is rich with the texture of metal, when struck, gives off a chime like golden stone.

In 1953, Jianshui Pottery is listed as one of the four famous pottery in China and remains to represent traditional folk art of this region. The mud formed by many steps of filtering the slurry is rudimental for enabling the fine carving and unglazed polishing of the pottery. The finished product is very hard, has good sealing, is breathable but impermeable.