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Eight to Start Collection 八方系列

Sale price$58.00 USD

Eight to Start Collection 八方系列

The complete starter collection for all tea lovers. Enjoy seven of our most popular premium loose leaf teas from each category, as well as an essential bamboo tea scoop.


  • Organic Mao Jian (Green)25g
  • Snowy Chrysanthemum (Herbal) 10g
  • Tippy Shou Mei (White)10g
  • Chun Feng Jasmine (Jasmine) 25g
  • Dark Roast Iron Buddha (Oolong)30g
  • Organic Keemun Black (Black)25g
  • Organic Pu-erh (Pu-erh)25g
  • Bamboo Tea Scoop x 1
  • bag ties
  • Product Code: MT349

Color of the packaging bag may varies due to availabilities.