Porcelain Tea Sets 瓷器茶具

Coral Rouge Ru Yao Tea Set 高端珊瑚紅汝窯套裝

$294.00 USD

An absolute beauty - This full teaset features all the essential pieces for a tea ceremony and boasts a gorgeous coral colour. It is made with Ru Yao Ware, an extremely rare type of Chinese ceramic, famous for its incredible glaze and resemblance to jade. 

This set features a 3-piece gaiwan, glass faircup, strainer, lid holder, and specialized master cup. Ideal for all tea types.


Coral Rouge Ru Yao Tea Set 高端珊瑚紅汝窯套裝

Material: Ru Yao (Ru Ware) porcelain
Teaset includes: 1 gaiwan, 1 strainer, 1 strainer holder, 1 faircup, 1 lid holder, 1 master cup, 6 teacups, 1 mini table runner


  • Gaiwan: 10 cm W x 9.5 cm H
    Capacity: 200ml
  • Faircup: 8.5 cm W x 8.5 cm H
    Capacity: 225ml
  • Strainer: 9 cm W x 6.5 cm H
  • Master Cup: 8 cm W x 5 cm H
    Capacity: 125ml
  • Teacups: 6.5 cm W x 4 cm H
    Capacity: 60ml

Product Code: ASL5780

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