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Contentment Stone Tea Tray 满竹

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Behind the design-- Throughout history, bamboo has been cherished by people in China. It is seen as a symbol of the honourable characteristics that they strive to embody.

The hollow nature of the bamboo symbolizes modesty -  a heart that can hold all the opinions and all that this world has to offer. Yet the bamboo is also strong, able to withstand all the elements of nature - symbolizing a deep sense of integrity. Modest yet virtuous, the bamboo was seen as having all the characteristics of a gentleman.

The concise, bamboo-like design of this tray portrays the modest and integral nature of the bamboo. "Man Zhu" is a word play on the word "Man Zu", meaning contentment. "Zu" is swapped with "Zhu" - the character for bamboo.

Both the tray liner and rubber tube are included. It can be set up to drain directly into the plastic tray or into an under-table reservoir via a rubber tube.


Contentment Stone Tea Tray  - "Man Zhu"

Material: Stone & Slate
Measurements: 84.5cm L x 35.5cm W x 2.75 H

Product Code: AXO5348