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ChaoZhou ZhuNi Teapot 潮州手拉壺

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ChaoZhou ZhuNi Teapot  潮州手拉壺

Chaozhou Fengxi is the birthplace of hand-pulled vermilion clay teapots, and the craft of making these teapots has been passed down through generations in various workshops, each with its own clay recipe and handcrafting techniques that are closely guarded secrets. The production process involves numerous steps, all done by skilled artisans based on their experience, including pulling, shaping, trimming, applying water, applying slip, and firing, among nearly sixty steps. The final products are known for their elegant shapes, clean lines, rich colors, and high smoothness.

The vermilion clay used to make these teapots, commonly known as "red clay," is a type of vermilion clay material, a natural mineral that does not contain toxic substances. It appears as yellowish soil but turns red after firing. It is highly malleable and sticky, making it easy to shape. Teapots made from this clay are exceptionally sturdy, with a smooth surface that maintains a slight water-absorbing and permeable quality. The texture is fine and pliable, lacking grit, and offers a smooth touch. It has excellent heat retention, preserving the original tea flavor during steeping.

The beauty of Chaozhou vermilion clay teapots stands out within the Yixing purple clay teapot world with their unique character of being petite and elegant in the realm of appreciation for simplicity and antiquity. Everything is due to the fact that vermilion clay works best with small pots. Experience tells us that "small teapots gather fragrance easily, while large teapots do not brew well," and vermilion clay teapots perfectly illustrate this point.

Vermilion clay teapots have a relatively high coefficient of thermal expansion, so when brewing tea, the first infusion of hot water should not be poured directly into the teapot's base to prevent cracking. Instead, water should be poured along the lid, letting it flow down from the top, surrounding the teapot to gently warm it. The second infusion can then be poured in using the same method, ensuring even heating. As you use the teapot over time, its color will become more vibrant, the touch smoother, and it will emit a glow resembling antique jade, which is known as the "teapot's seasoning." The tea residue will release its aroma in proportion and is highly appreciated by tea enthusiasts.

  • Name: 潮州手拉壺 
  • Material: ChaoZhou ZhuNi 
  • Artist: 吳嘉麒 Wu Jia Qi
  • Capacity: 150 ml
  • Thickness: 6
  • Product Code: APX5919
  • Ideal fermented teas
ChaoZhou ZhuNi Teapot 潮州手拉壺
ChaoZhou ZhuNi Teapot 潮州手拉壺 Sale price$259.00 USD