Art of Exceptional Tea Craftsmanship

Rare Gong Fu Cha Oolong Series 潮州極品 乌龙系列

Dive into rare oolong world!

Introducing rare oolongs from Guangdong Province, the origin region of Gong Fu Cha. Dan Cong is one of the traditional Chinese Oolong teas that is used for Gong Fu Cha.

If you enjoy a strong, lingering tea taste and aroma, this is for you.

Art of Exceptional Tea Craftsmanship


Ao Fu Hou is a special type of single bush tea originating from the Phoenix Mountain area in Guangdong Province, China. It is a variety of Phoenix Dancong tea. This tea is acclaimed for its unique flavor and quality.

"凹富后" Ao Fu You is the name of this tea, referring to a place relevant characteristic, adding a unique identity to this tea.  

This tea exhibit a range of flavours, including fruits, floral notes, nuts, and sugarcane is one the most prominent note. The tea has tight and compact leaves with a glossy orange-brown color. Its appearance is finer and more oily compared to other teas, making it stand out. It also has a strong aftertaste and can withstand multiple infusions without losing its flavor.




Century Old Bush Bai Ye 老欉百年白葉 is a type of single bush tea originating from the Fenghuang Mountain area in Guangdong Province, China. Bai Ye tea possesses unique aromas and complex flavours.  The tea's processing involves meticulous withering, rolling, and oxidation steps, all of which contribute to the tea's distinct flavour.

This tea is highly praised and sought after by tea enthusiasts due to its rich history and distinctive characteristics. 

This exquisite Bai Ye has hints of dried fruits like lychee in its aroma, this tea holds an initial promise. Unfolding traditional fruity tones reminiscent of apples or pears, the liquor gradually reveals sweet, lingering orchid and nectar notes.

These latter flavours come to the forefront in subsequent infusions, once the fruit notes have subsided. After numerous infusions exceeding the days of the week, the tea's taste lingers on the palate for over five hours, crafting a delightful day. The leaves were then repurposed for a cold infusion the following day, unveiling unexpectedly vibrant passionfruit-dominant flavours.


Sip the Elegance, Taste the Tradition


Song Zhong tea may exhibit a range of flavours, including fruits, floral notes, nuts, and honey, depending on the tea tree's growing environment and subtle variations in the processing.

Gu Shu Single Origin Song Zhong the leaves revealed a distinctive hint of dried pineapple. The liquour, resembling the rich hue of a fine bourbon, possesses a clear clarity. Upon savoring the liquid, the tea embodies all the expected qualities of a Song Zhong and beyond. 

Early infusions of the tea brought forth a discernible essence of dried pineapple along with subtle roasted undertones. Subsequent infusions unveiled robust dried fruit characteristics. An enjoyable, hydrating quality, paired with an enduring sweetness, lingers on the palate for hours even after the tea has been enjoyed to its entirety.

Overall, Song Zhong tea is highly esteemed, cherished for its unique flavour and quality, making it a favoured choice among tea enthusiasts



Lang Cai Supreme Oolong

Lang Cai is a specific name for this tea, referring to the shape and appearance of its leaves, which might resemble the shape of waves. This distinct appearance gives this tea a unique identity among tea leaves.

Lang Cai Supreme has aroma of dried strawberries in tea is a rarity, but it's discernible in the dry leaves of the Lang Cai Supreme. The infusions proved intricate, with flavours transitioning from pronounced dried berries like raspberries to strawberries. 

This tea boasts an unparalleled natural sweetness that endures on the palate well beyond the last sip. The robust leaves can also withstand extended infusions at high temperatures, yielding bolder flavours without compromising the tea's quality. The abundance of possible infusions renders this tea perfect for savoring on a delightful afternoon.



Lao Shu Duck Shit Oolong

Duck shit Dan Cong is a specific name for this tea, which literally translates to "duck droppings fragrance." However, it actually refers to the distinctive floral aroma of the tea and not the literal scent of duck droppings. This name might stem from a particular local expression that describes the uniqueness. 

Lao Shu Duck Shit Dan Cong  has aromatic leaf that is reminiscent of a fruit sablé this tea brought forth classic duck shit flavours. The brightness of colour and clearness of the liquid was a welcoming invitation worth noting. 

A milky texture, this tea had dried fruit notes accompanied with the sweetness of sugar cookies. Further infusions lessened the sweetness and the tea hinted of apricots, while even later infusions picked up floral and even vegetal notes. This tea would pair very nicely with shortcake on a relaxing day.


Taste of Historical Thunder Tea


Thunderwood Dan Cong "Lei Kou Chai," which is produced in the core area of Wu Dong Mountain. This tea is a single cluster tea with a ginger flower aroma. It carrying a subtle floral and heavenly fragrance. The taste is mellow, sweet, and elegant.

On a day with a tumultuous mix of rain and thunderstorms, it felt as if the sky was about to collapse. During this moment in a tea garden in Wu Dong Mountain, a terrifying incident occurred as lightning struck an ancient tea tree.

Throughout the history of single cluster tea, many ancient tea trees have been struck by lightning, but miraculously, this single cluster tea survived the calamity. After being struck by lightning, it was fortunate to have preserved its life and continued to thrive with its determination and resilience.

The taste of the tea is restrained and bold, with a smooth and full-bodied soup, a lingering pungency emerges after tasting, and a long-lasting throat rhyme. The tea's color is bright orange-yellow, sweet and smooth, with a natural and harmonious floral aroma.

The unique and charming ginger flower fragrance makes Thunderwood a must-try for tea enthusiasts who seek fragrance and flavour.


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