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      • Vancouver Iced Tea Challenge Winner - Champagne Jasmine Iced Tea

        Vancouver Iced Tea Challenge Winner

        Thank you so much for your support!

        Your votes helped us win the Best Iced Tea in Vancouver challenge and we are so happy! 

        Our Champagne Jasmine Iced Tea won 1st Place in both the Media Judges and People’s Choice categories.

        Champagne Jasmine Iced Tea created by Olivia: Cold infused Premium Jasmine Green, Grapefruit Zest, Honey.

        Vancouver Foodster Iced Tea Challenge. 

        Maggi MeiRead the review from one of the judges Maggi Mei.

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      • How To Sip Tea- The Traditional Way

        If you read our last blog, you learned how to choose the ideal tea cup for each type of tea. If you’re hearing this for the first time, it really does make a difference in your tasting experience! Read here to find out if you’re using the correct tea cup-...

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      • Treasure Green Tea - Found Treasure - video from Patrick Corbett

        Our sincere appreciation to Mr. Patrick Corbett for his professionalism, time and talents in producing this video of Treasure Green.

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      • Are You Drinking From The Right Teacup?

        Just like drinking wine and whiskey, tea can taste different when sipped from differently shaped cups. There is an ideal cup shape for each tea type that will allow for better tasting and sensory experiences. If you haven’t explored this, you must try this with your favourite tea.

        3 types of teacups:
        Sniffer cup, Tall & flared cups, Wide brim cups
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      • Is The Tea In Your Cabinet Too Old?

        Do you have tins of old tea leaves that have been in your cupboard forever? Do you know how long it’s been in there for? Many of us, tea lovers, like to have variety in our tea choices at home but it’s also easy to lose track!

        Here’s how you can tell if your tea should stay or go-

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