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Tour of China 縱橫中國系列

Take a tour of China’s most famous tea regions, each known for producing the best quality of tea in their category. This collection takes you to four different tea region with its well known tea. Yunnan (southwest), Guangdong (south), Fujian (southeastern coast), and Zhejiang (eastern).

  • Honey Orchid Dan Cong Oolong 蜜蘭香單欉(36g)
  • West Lake Long Jing (Dragon Well) 浙江 西湖龍井(40g)

  • Yin Hao Jasmine Green 福建 銀毫(40g)

  • 2012 ChuanJiaBao Beeng Cha Cooked/Shou Pu-erh 傳家寶茶餅 (熟茶(20g)

  • 2003 Zhong Cha Raw/Sheng Pu-erh 中茶生餅(20g)

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