• On a trip, Chinatown store closed Oct 5 to 21, reopen Sat Oct 22nd. Online orders processed normally!

  • On a trip, Chinatown store closed Oct 5 to 21, reopen Sat Oct 22nd. Online orders processed normally!

  • On a trip, Chinatown store closed Oct 5 to 21, reopen Sat Oct 22nd. Online orders processed normally!

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      • On business trip, retail store closed Oct 5 to 21. Reopen Sat. Oct 22nd

        We are on a business trip and our retail store in Chinatown will be closed from October 5 to 21, 2016.  

        We will reopen Saturday, October 22nd.  

        Orders from treasuregreen.com will be processed normally.  Happy Tea Time & See You Soon!

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      • CHI Wellness Teas

        CHI - Wellness Tea Pack (box of ten) $39 - our popular Wellness teas.
        Asian Secret of Beauty - (immune system booster) Function: detoxify, increase physical stamina, strengthen bone, kidney, insomnia, anxiety.
        Cure Me Fast - (cold & flu symptoms, sore throat, cough, hangover) Function: relief of dry & swollen throat, dry cough, hangover, and detoxifies.
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      • First Flush Premium Green Tea spring 2016

        First Flush Premium Green Tea Spring 2016

        Whew, it is nice to be back from my buying trip to China, I brought back some fantastic First Flush Premium Green Tea from the mountains of Anhui. First flush is the first pick of the year; the tea leaves are the most delicate, precious and limited in quantity. 

        From this selection of new teas my favourite is the Anhui Lan Xiang Green. The leaves are hand picked and processed, beautiful and uniform leaves, green like jade colour, with a fresh aroma. This tea has a refreshing and mild sweet taste, each sip is smooth and gives a feeling of waking up in a perfect sunny morning.  clockwise from the top:

          Happy Mother’s Day! Hope to see you soon. 

          Happy Tea Time!

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        • TOP FIVE | Refreshingly Delicious Excuses To Use A Straw In Vancouver

          Premium ICED TEAfrom SCOUT MAGAZINE by Nicole Arnett | Shaken Iced Tea from Treasure Green Tea!- Voted #1

          Shaken Iced Teas from Treasure Green Tea | 227 East Georgia Street | This veteran tea shop (established 1981) is a go-to respite when winter hits (hello Asian Secret of Beauty Wellness Tea), but tea master and owner Olivia Chan deals with the heat just as well, serving her delicately flavoured teas shaken with fruit and ice. Do your worst, summer! What's the best excuse to use a straw in Vancouver? (TAKE OUT ADDITION) 

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      Treasure Green Tea Company 妙品馨茶莊

      First Authentic Chinese Tea Shop in Vancouver est.1981. Treasure Green Tea Company offers the most exclusive and diverse collection of premium tea, such as Pu-erh Tea Cakes, Iron Buddha, and Treasure Green’s Emerald Silver green tea, that are ethically sourced from the most famous regions in China. 

      Our selection of over 150 premium quality Chinese teas include:
      Green, Jasmine, White, Iron Buddha (Tieguanyin), Oolong, Black, Pu-erh Tea & Tea Cakes, Organic, Herbal, & more.

      Treasure Green Tea Company is, itself, a hidden treasure, located on the 200 block of East Georgia in Chinatown. The street had no name on Google maps and not recognized on Foursquare. Yet, the street is rich with history and diversity. As the face of Vancouver’s Chinatown is changing, Treasure Green Tea Company is an example of a modern Chinese tea shop rich with history and tradition, a gem hidden inside an unrecognized street on Google maps.