Legacy Gaiwan Collection



I have always admired the Chinese name my father gave to this shop when he opened in 1981, 妙品馨茶莊, pronounced “Miu Bun Hing”.

Only after I took over the business did he share with me his inspiration behind the name. He told me that he chose this character “Miu” hoping that one day, his business would be carried on by one of his daughters. Luckily, it is me. The character is made up of two parts; on the left meaning “girl” and on the right meaning “young”. Together, the word “amazing” is formed.

Our logo today honours my father’s creativity and insightfulness. In the centre of the leaf is the original Chinese calligraphy hand-written by my father, representing the integrity, quality, and consistency of our products and the family business.


Tea Pairing: Traditional Lapsang Souchong 正山小種傳統


Building our Signature 玉汝於成

Ever since I had my first sip of Treasure Green Emerald Silver, I fell in love. Its vibrancy, silkiness, and sweetness were unlike any other. This tea is grown on the private farms of my father’s best friend in the mountainous regions of the Anhui province. Both men had bonded over their shared appreciation for incredible tea. For them, it was something far beyond business; it was their passion.

In 2003, I had asked my father to travel back from China with as much of my favourite green tea as he could. At the airport, I was moved to tears learning that one of the handles had broken off his suitcase and still, he faithfully carried this tea back for me. My father opened it up and smiled, with a suitcase filled to the brim with a tea that remains our bestseller to this day; a tea that celebrates friendship, family, and longevity.


Tea Pairing: Treasure Green's Emerald Silver 安徽 品(字)綠翡翠


Founder's Favourite 金蘭淬勵

For as long as I can remember, my father always had a cup of tea in hand. His favourite was our Superior Roast Iron Buddha. He loved its roasted complexity and its ability to raise one's spirits. Not only was it delicious, but my father was also deeply involved in the roasting process, working alongside his good friend, Farmer Lin, in Anxi, Fujian.

Together, they spent three years creating the perfect roasting recipe for this tea. They persisted until they found a roasting level that was unmatched, carrying a balance of sweetness, depth, and body.

Their dedication to the craft has greatly influenced my work ethic and outlook on everyday life today. This exceptional friendship between my father and Farmer Lin is honoured with this tea, decades later.


Tea Pairing: Superior Roast Iron Buddha 安溪 高香鐵觀音


Olivia's Legacy 世濟其美

It has been my quest to carry on the legacy of my father, Mr. Kwok Sun Cheung, who opened the first authentic Chinese tea shop in Vancouver in 1981. I am honoured to continue his work, providing a premium tea experience to a new generation of tea lovers.

I am grateful to all our clients, old and new, who have supported Treasure Green over these forty years. What a great journey it has been so far!

Blending old traditions with modern sensibilities, I carry on all the lessons I have learned from my father and continue the search for incredible tea to share with all of you.


Tea Pairing: 1993 Aged Pu-erh 遠年普洱

A message from Tea Master Olivia

Two generations of tea masters

This limited-edition collection is a tribute to my family’s history and legacy. To celebrate four decades, I have selected four Jingdezhen gaiwans, each with a custom painting by Vancouver-based artist Su Jiangang.

These paintings represent four significant moments in my personal journey as a Chinese tea master. I am very proud to share a part of my family's legacy with you. These stories reflect our growth as a family business and the passion that drives us forward year after year.

Jingdezhen gaiwans are a form of art; they display incredible quality and modern design while paying respect to traditional methods of craftsmanship. Every aspect of these gaiwans is designed with intention. I want these to be pieces you can use and admire at home. Thank you for joining me in celebrating forty one years with Treasure Green!


About the Jingdezhen Gaiwans

The gaiwans in this collection are hand-crafted and made of fine Jingdezhen porcelain, recognized globally for its incredible delicacy - thin as eggshell and white as paper. The lid features a slim knob; easy to hold and handle. Its tall and elegant body holds 150ml, versatile for all teas. 

Jingdezhen, in the Jiangxi province, is often recognized as the porcelain capital of China. Pottery artists in this city have been producing fine hand-crafted porcelain for thousands of years. Legend has it that the Emperor of the Song Dynasty was so pleased with the craftsmanship that he renamed the county after his regal era name “Jingde” as a token of affection.

Jingdezhen porcelain is fully handmade, holds its shape and will not warp over time. The gaiwans in this collection are thoughtfully designed with a classic 150ml three-piece style that is versatile and timeless; a perfect addition in every home.


時至今日,景德鎮製瓷工藝早已登峰造極。單取白瓷蓋碗一類,僅初型拉坯一環,至少十余年經驗的拉坯匠人方可負責。 觀感美學外,匠心更要考慮到人的使用體驗。所以蓋碗邊緣做得薄如蛋殼,如此一來,使用時手的受力點小,散熱快,避免了燙手的不快。成型上釉後,蓋碗會經過1320度左右的高溫燒製,窯火的加持使瓷質密度增高,釉彩轉化成耐酸堿的釉層,方便日後使用清洗。

超凡工藝締造了景德鎮瓷都傳奇。 也正因為對品質的追求,技術難度系數高,相對地成瓷率變得較低。所以每份出品都極具收藏價值,無懼時間的考驗。

About the Artist

Su Jiangang is a contemporary Chinese painter and calligrapher, originally from ChangShu, China. He now lives and works in Vancouver, Canada teaching calligraphy and sharing his artistry. 

In the early eighties, Su became a student of renowned calligrapher Yan Gong Da. Su’s work favoured expression over mere formal likeness. Through his meticulous brushwork and precise choice of colour, he captures the living essence of his subjects elegantly.

Although painting in ancient aesthetics, Su’s work is far from detached from the contemporary human experience. By selecting themes and subjects closely related to his everyday life,

Su gives the classical style a breath of new life. The weighty connection to the past blends harmoniously with Su’s innate expression of innocent playfulness, making the depiction of his subjects a true delight to behold.