Premium Chinese Tea & Teaware in Vancouver's Historic Chinatown

Treasure Green's extensive selection of premium Chinese teas and teaware are always fresh, top quality, and unique.

With over 200 fine teas and over 500 teaware products and accessories, we prioritize our clients by bringing in new and seasonal items throughout the year. Our products are sourced from Chinese regions such as Fujian, Yunnan, Wuyi, and Jingdezhen, where they specialize and have a long history in incredible craftsmanship and quality.

Chinese teas trace back to many dynasties ago and continue to be enjoyed today for its incredible impact on health and well-being. We honour its rich history and culture by sharing our passion for quality tea to more people everyday.


Treasure Green Tea Company 妙品馨茶莊 is the first authentic Chinese tea shop in Vancouver est. 1981.
妙品馨茶莊  溫哥華第一家 1981 年

Our shop, itself, is a hidden treasure. Tucked away on a small street called East Georgia, rich with history and diversity.

In 1981, our business pioneered the direct importing of Chinese tea from prime suppliers in China. Our first wholesale and retail store, known as "Super Fine Tea Co.", opened for business on the same street we still are located today.

Our founder's mission was to create a space where tea drinkers from all levels could find ethically sourced, high quality tea. In the 1970's and 80's, importing tea was quite complicated and a reliable source of authentic Chinese tea was very hard to find in Vancouver. Since 1981, this business slowly became a hub for fellow immigrants to get a taste of home. Our long lasting relationships with our clients and tea farmers continues to be our driving force as the shop is reaching its 40th anniversary.

In 2003, we changed our name to "Treasure Green Tea Company". We have now evolved into a specialty loose leaf tea and teaware shop, accessible online and in our Chinatown store. For over 40 years, we've built our business on providing quality products at a reasonable price & rendering sound advice.

Olivia's Father

The Story of our Logo

A story by Tea Master Olivia --

In the center of leaf is the original Chinese calligraphy written by my father, Treasure Green's original founder, and represents the integrity, quality and consistency of our products and the family business.

The word is the first character in the Chinese name of our business 妙品馨茶莊 and contains a very special insightful meaning.

My father, Mr. Kwok Sun Cheung started the business in 1981.  His vision to choose this character was with the full intent that one day the business would be carried on by one of his daughters. Luckily it is me.

The word has two parts to it, the character on the left means “girl” and the character on the right means “young”.  ... I was a young girl then. Two parts together forms the word “amazing” or “extraordinary”.  ... of course that's me now, ha ha ...!  

I am very proud of my father and his insightfulness and creativity, and I am happy to share this great story with you.