Yixing Terracotta Teapots 宜興紫砂茶壶

Yixing Terracotta Teapot Pumpkin

$880.00 CAD

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Yixing Terracotta Teapot Pumpkin 南瓜壺, 原礦老段泥

  • Name: Pumpkin
  • Artist: 徐紅娟 Xu Hong Quan
  • Type of Terracotta: Old Site Aged Duan Ni
  • Capacity: 250 ml
  • Thickness: 5 (scale of 1 thin to 9 thick)
  • Product Code: APR5663
  • Ideal for all tea types

About the terracotta - Duan Ni is produced in the Huang Long Shan (Yellow Dragon Mountain) region in Yixing. The defining quality of Duan Ni is its low iron content. With only 6% iron content, it allows the completed teapot to be gold and beige in colour. Its large particle size allows for a looser, less dense, porous structure - greatly enhancing tea quality when brewed. 

Duan Ni’s porous nature allows for more airflow and smoother tea liquor. It is the perfect teapot for new tea enthusiasts. Duan Ni is suitable for lightly fermented/lightly oxidized teas such as oolong, Bao Zhong (Pouchong), and high mountain teas.

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