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Yixing Terracotta Teapot Drum

Sale price$220.00 CAD

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Yixing Terracotta Teapot Drum 小扁鼓 朱泥

  • Name: Drum
  • Artist:  劉瑞Liu Rae
  • Type of Terracotta:  朱泥 Zhu Ni
  • Capacity: 120 ml
  • Thickness: 4 (scale of 1 thin to 9 thick)
  • Product Code: APR5687
  • Ideal for Oolong, Dan Cong, Green, Raw Pu-erh

About the terracotta - Zhu Ni is a highly sought-after type of Hong Ni (red clay) produced in the Huang Long Mountain and Zhao Zhuang Mountain regions in Yixing. Its defining characteristic is its high iron content, giving the completed teapot an earthy yellow sheen within its red color.  A lustrous shine will develop through the long-term use and care of Zhu Ni teapots.

      Yixing Terracotta Teapot Drum
      Yixing Terracotta Teapot Drum Sale price$220.00 CAD