Pu-erh Tea

1993 Superior Yunnan Pu-erh Y562 Black Box 年中茶吉幸Y562盒装

$55 CAD

Superior Yunnan Pu-erh Y562 Black Box 100g 1993

1993 年中茶吉幸Y562盒装 100克 熟散茶

  • Improves cholesterol, healthy probiotics, promote weight loss, aid with digestion
  • aromatic & elegant

Y562 Pu-erh is one of our original pu-erh teas from the famous state-owned tea factory “Ji Xing” in Yunnan Province, China. This particular tea was mainly exported to Japan and Europe, hence the English packaging.

These teas were imported to Treasure Green, Vancouver in 1993 and released to our market in 2016. 1993 was regarded as a very good year for pu-erh harvest, and Y562 tastes of rich earth and wood.

Note: This tea has been in our tea cellar for over 20 years. We highly recommend that the tea be unwrapped and emptied into a terracotta or porcelain container for a minimum of two to three weeks so the tea can be aerated. This way the aroma will become more prominent.

  • Vintage: 1993
  • Antioxidant Level: Low
  • Caffeine Content: Medium
  • Origin: Yunnan, China
  • Product Code: PY251

Brewing Instructions:

  • 8g for 125ml teapot
  • rinse tea twice with 95°C water
  • 1st infusion 90°C for 30 seconds
  • 2nd infusion 90°C for 25 seconds
  • subsequent brews 90°C 30 seconds

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