Porcelain Gaiwan 瓷器蓋碗

Blush Gaiwan Saucer Set 乾泡 蓋碗

$90.00 CAD

This gaiwan and saucer set is best used with the "dry brewing" method. In replacement of a ceremonial tray, the large saucer acts as a tray and holds the water from each brew.  A compact but stylish way of tea making. Available in a variety of vibrant colours. 


Blush Gaiwan Saucer Set  粉紅 乾泡 蓋碗

Material: Porcelain

  • Capacity: 200ml
  • 9.5 cm W x 9.5 cm H
  • Saucer: 20.5 cm W

Product Code: AWL5152

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