Porcelain Gaiwan 瓷器蓋碗

Lotus Gaiwan 手绘荷花三才盖碗

$68.00 CAD

This classic 3-piece gaiwan is made with precious Dehua porcelain, also known as Blanc de Chine, which is recognized for its rich, creamy white colour and fine quality. The design features a hand-painted lotus flower in full bloom which brings zen and peacefulness to the space. Ideal for all tea types.


Lotus Gaiwan 手绘荷花三才盖碗

Material: Dehua porcelain
Measurements -

  • Capacity: 165ml
  • 5.6 cm H x 9.7 cm W (10.3 cm with saucer)

Product Code: AWL5774

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