Ku Ding One Leaf 苦丁一葉茶

Ku Ding One Leaf Tea 海南 頂級苦丁一葉茶

$21.00 CAD

Ku Ding One Leaf Tea 海南 頂級苦丁一葉茶

  • Improves cholesterol, promote weight loss, aid with digestion 
  • sophisticated & full bodied

The Kuding tree is a large and rare tropical tree grown in the Chinese provinces Hainan and Yunnan. Its leaves are used for tea much like the Pu-erh tea leaves.
 The tea has a bitter-sweet taste and has long been associated with the traditional Chinese medicinal properties.

It's listed as valuable Chinese medicine as early as the Yuan, Ming, and Qing Dynasties for its beneficial effects to eyes, heart, brain, and stomach.
 Modern tea drinkers enjoy this tea to calm fidgets and alleviate thirst, especially when one is suffering from a disease that causes fever or severe diarrhea.

It's also said to invigorate digestion and improve mental focus and memory. 
These leaves come from the Wuzhishan Mountains of Hainan Island. A truly rare and precious tea.

  • Antioxidant Level: Medium
  • Caffeine Content: Low
  • Origin: Heinan, China
  • Product Code: KH109

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