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King of Jasmine Silver Tips 九窨一提茉莉針王



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King of Jasmine Silver Tips 一提茉莉針王

Crafted in minuscule quantities annually, the Jasmine Silver Tips reign as the paramount Jasmine tea, earning the regal designation "King of Jasmine." Meticulously handpicked, these tea needles undergo nine intricate infusions with Jasmine.

Every infusion is meticulously timed and calibrated for temperature, ensuring an unrivaled tea-drinking experience. It melds seamless texture, enduring aromatic allure, and an immaculate harmony of flavours culminating in a lingering sweetness. This tea evokes classical Chinese poetry's opulent garden imagery.    


  • Product Code: JF439

Brewing Guide: tool - glass or porcelain, 4g 150ml 45 sec 90°C, repeat brewing at same temperature, 6-8 brews

King of Jasmine Silver Tips 九窨一提茉莉針王
King of Jasmine Silver Tips 九窨一提茉莉針王 Sale price$108.00 CAD