Porcelain Tea Cup 瓷器茶杯

Green Bamboo Hand-Painted Cup 翠竹手繪杯

$15.00 CAD

Hand-painted porcelain tasting cup is crafted with simplicity and versatility in mind, these cups are perfect for savoring any type of tea. Their thoughtfully designed shape ensures a comfortable hand feel and secure grip, making every sip a pleasure.

Choose from a variety of unique painted designs to match your style or to add an artistic touch to your tea party. Celebrate individuality with each cup's distinctive brushwork—no two are exactly alike.


Green Bamboo Hand-Painted Cup 翠竹手繪杯

Material: Porcelain

  •  6.5 cm W x 4 cm H
  • Capacity:  75ml

Product Code: ACL5942

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