Jingdezhen Porcelain 景德鎭瓷器

Essence of Thousand Flowers Linglong Cup 景德镇玲珑万花杯

$480.00 CAD

“Linglong” also known as “openwork” or “rice grain” or “pierce and fill” is an ancient technique to create decorative porcelain pieces. The technique involves piercing the thick walls of unfired porcelain pieces and then filling the holes with a glaze. After firing, the walls are thinned down for a more delicate appearance. Although the resulting piece appears translucent when held under light with the glazed openings allowing light to filter through, it is solid enough to retain liquids inside.

With this cup, artist Wu Ling pays homage to the Emperor Qianlong (1711 – 1799) by covering the entire outer surface with large peony flower patterns. Rice shaped dots forming the center of these flowers allow light to pass through, thereby making these translucent blooming flowers a sight to behold. A feast for the eyes and silken to the touch, this cup adorned with the king of flowers is perfect to savour fine teas.


Essence of Thousand Flowers Linglong Cup 景德镇玲珑万花杯 

Material: Jingdezhen Porcelain

Measurements -

  • Capacity: 100ml
  • 7.5cm D x 4.5cm H 

Product Code: ACJ5419

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