Porcelain Tea Cup 瓷器茶杯

Cherry Blossom Moon Cup 羅漢杯-月白 -梅花

$65.00 CAD

Guan Kiln or Official kilns, during the Southern Song Dynasty under Emperor Gaozong, were kiln sites designated specifically for the production of porcelain for the court. These pieces were subject to imperial inspection and rejection, commonly referred to at the time as "guan kilns." The premier guan kiln was located at Maogong Cave (present-day area around Yangzhou, Jiangsu). Porcelain from the Southern Song official kilns inherited the Northern Song style, characterized by its regular symmetry, imperial grandeur, elegance, and meticulousness. Due to the extremely high iron content in the clay, the porcelain felt heavy, and the clay was a deep black-brown color, later known as "purple mouth and iron foot."

"Kai Pian,開片" colloquially known as "glaze popping," is a physical reaction that occurs during the firing process of ceramics, resulting in delicate cracks on the surface. After being nourished by tea over time, these cracks will slowly permeate with fine, gold-thread-like beautiful colors.

Its full, round shape is ideal for all tea types and easy to hold in the hand. 


Cherry Blossom Moon Cup

羅漢杯-月白 -梅花

Material: Porcelain


  • 4.9cm H x 7.6cm D
  • Capacity: 100ml

Product Code: ACL5737

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