Cast Iron Teaware 鑄鐵茶具

Heron Square Cast Iron Kettle 四方明 鐵壺

$780.00 CAD

With origins dating back to the Edo period (1603 - 1868) this style of Japanese cast-iron kettle, called the Tetsubin, has over 200 years of history. Due to their artistic features and incredible craftsmanship, these Tetsubin kettles have been prized as collectibles for almost a century.

The Tetsubin is used only to boil water. The cast-iron material of the Tetsubin offers several advantages as – softening the water that is boiled in it; increasing the ferrous (iron) ions in the water thus making it beneficial to those with iron deficiency; removing any scents or aromas in the water; and adding a pleasantly mild sweetness to the taste of the water.

Kettle includes bamboo tongs. 


Heron Square Cast Iron Kettle 四方明 鐵壺

Material: Cast Iron
Measurements -

  • Body: 15cm (H) x 18 (W) / 26cm (H) including handle
  • Lid opening: 10cm
  • Capacity: 1300ml

Product Code: APO5392

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