Find a missing package that shows as "Delivered"

My package hasn’t arrived. What can I do?

Most packages are delivered no later than five (5) business days after the expected delivery date. If the delivery is taking longer than expected, and you're concerned that your package is missing, we want to help you find it.

  • Review the Shipping confirmation email we sent to you  
  • Subject: A shipment from order #xxxxx is on the way
  • Click on the link for tracking number to view delivery status
  • Example of Tracking Status screen

If the parcel hasn't arrived:

  1. You have within fourteen (14) days from the Delivered date indicated on your parcel's Tracking Status to advise Treasure Green
  2. Email us at for action
  3. No missing parcel claims will be accepted after this fourteen (14) day period.

We wish to assist in tracking the missing parcel and require action from you within this time frame so that we can file an investigation with the carrier.