40 Years of Treasure Green Celebrating Two Generations of Tea Masters

This limited-edition collection is a tribute to my family’s history and legacy. To celebrate four decades, I have selected four Jingdezhen gaiwans, each with a custom painting by Vancouver-based artist Su Jiangang.

These paintings represent four significant moments in my personal journey as a Chinese tea master. I am very proud to share a part of my family's legacy with you. These stories reflect our growth as a family business and the passion that drives us forward year after year. 

Jingdezhen gaiwans are a form of art; they display incredible quality and modern design while paying respect to traditional methods of craftsmanship. Every aspect of these gaiwans is designed with intention. I want these to be pieces you can use and admire at home. 

Thank you for joining me in celebrating forty years with Treasure Green!

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