Start Your Morning With These 5 Teas

The Fall season is right around the corner which means school and work are back into full swing. It's getting chillier out there, making it the perfect weather to snuggle up at home. But for some of us, we're trying hard to get back to our early morning schedules and could definitely use a boost. 

Caffeine can help- And so can we at Treasure Green Tea Company!

We've built a list of best energizing wake up teas to start off your day:

1. Yunnan Imperial Golden Bud (Black Tea)
Rich, smooth black tea packed with flavour for a gentle wake up call. This tea has a sweetness that warms you right up through the body. Brew this tea in the morning at home, save the leaves, and brew a couple more cups at work (it's got long lasting flavour!). Medium-high in caffeine. 

2. Yunnan Mountain Black (Black Tea)
Another fantastic morning black tea, this tea is full-bodied and full of flavour. The sophisticated, bold flavours in this tea make it a great drink to be brewed alone or with milk. High in caffeine.

3. Treasure Green Emerald Silver (Green Tea)
By far, one of our bestsellers in store, this green tea is fully loaded with antioxidants and carries a sweet, silky texture in the mouth. Super fine leaves give it a very smooth flavour and its vibrant colours show its freshness. Medium in caffeine. 

4. Superior Wuyi Aged Golden Buddha 2004 (Oolong Tea)
For the coffee lovers! A dark roasted oolong tea might be a close replacement for those dark coffee cravings. This tea is roasted and carries beautiful nutty and floral flavours, leaving a smooth finish in the mouth. 

5. Treasure Green Charcoal Roast Iron Buddha
Another bold oolong tea, this TieGuanYin has been roasted under heavy fire for 24 hours, leaving it with ultimate smoothness and sweetness. Rich flavour, warming characteristics, and and complexity in taste make this the perfect morning tea. 

These are some of our favourite teas that are guaranteed to get you up and running in the morning. If you haven't tried these already, feel free to visit us in store for a tasting session! We would love to help you find your perfect tea. 

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