How To Sip Tea- The Traditional Way

If you read our last blog, you learned how to choose the ideal tea cup for each type of tea. If you’re hearing this for the first time, it really does make a difference in your tasting experience! Read here to find out if you’re using the correct tea cup-

Now that you’ve got your cup, time to move on to sipping tea, the traditional way. When you’re drinking premium quality tea, why not experience it at its fullest potential in all your senses? Traditional Chinese tea drinking is actually a very sensory experience, rather than just a tasting experience. Smell and visuals are very important and play a large part in the traditional ceremony.

Before taking your first sip, waft the teacup (with freshly brewed tea in it of course) and inhale to capture the aroma of the first brew. Traditionally, we drink each cup of tea in 3 sips and we highly encourage you to follow these tasting steps for the best tea experience.

  • Step 1- Inhale through nose
  • Step 2- Take sip
  • Step 3- Swallow the tea
  • Step 4- Exhale through mouth

    This allows the tea to truly expand amongst your senses. Your first sip will leave a lingering aroma, the second is a chance to feel the texture in your mouth, and the third sip will allow you to experience the aftertaste.

    Once you have these steps in mind, brew away! Don’t forget that most of our premium teas are able to be brewed a minimum of 3 times, with some Oolongs and Puerhs that can brew up to 12 or more infusions. Enjoy!

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