• Special Tea Ceremony Class February 13, 2018 "Heart to Heart"

    Treasure Green Tea Company

  • Special Tea Ceremony Class "Heart to Heart"

    TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 2018

    6:00 - 8:00 pm

    Bring your partner, best friend, family member and let's learn the basics of the traditional tea ceremony with second-gerenation tea master, Olivia! The class will be a hands-on, beginner-friendly group class that will help you further understand Chinese teas. 

    Expect to learn about the different varieties of Chinese tea, the proper etiquette that is used, and the foundations of performing the ceremony yourself. The evening is always a fun, educational experience where you can find the answers to any questions you might have!

    Fee includes:
    Hands-on traditional tea ceremony lesson
    Tasting of 3 premium quality teas
    Afternoon snack pairing

    There is limited space - only 10 slots available. 
    $65 per person or $120 for a pair.

  • $65.00

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