• Treasure Green's Emerald Silver (bestseller)

    Green Tea

  • Treasure Green's Emerald (Silver) 安徽 品(字)綠翡翠 

    • aromatic & elegant
    • bestseller

    One of our most famous and exclusive premium green teas from Treasure Green. This special tea comes from mountainous regions in Anhui Province with an average altitude of 800 meters.

    The sweet taste and silky texture has an amazing sweet scent and well-rounded taste making it a delicious and inspiring green tea.

    The lushly harmonious texture produces a deliciously soft infusion with vibrant sweet grassy flavour and hint of nutty notes. Also can be a great iced tea or Green Tea MarTEAni, ask us for the recipe.

    • Antioxidant Level: Ultra-High
    • Caffeine Content: Medium
    • Origin: Anhui, China
    • Product Code: GA004
  • $31.00

Treasure Green's Emerald Silver (bestseller)

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