• Taste of Yunnan Collection Pu-erh Tea

    Pu-erh Tea

  • A flight of Pu-erh Tea.  Each selection has its uniqueness in tea flavour, aroma, finish and colour.

    • Yunnan Raw Pu-erh (Vintage 2007) has a golden liquor like Chardonnay, floral aroma and sweet finish.
    • Zhang Xiang Old Tree Pu-erh (Vintage 2007) a hearty aroma of Camphor, with great balanced in flavour and earthiness.
    • Organic Pu-erh (Vintage 2009) a subtle traditional aroma, woody with full body taste.

    A great introduction into the world of Pu-erh. Discover the taste experience of the ancient tea from Yunnan province. Pu-erh is known for its complexity of taste and wealth of health benefits such as lower cholesterol, aid for digestion, health of heart function and weight loss and more.

  • $36.50

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