• Lunar New Year Tea with Canister

    Treasure Green Tea Company

  • A brand new house blend in celebration of Chinese New Year.

    Enjoy a smooth, floral tea with vibrant colour representing a colourful and smooth transition into the new year. This perfect blend is made with 10 fresh and aromatic ingredients that will awaken your taste buds and is presented in one of our beautiful red porcelain canisters. 

    Flowers not only rich in vitamins and antioxidants but it also represents prosperity and happiness. Great for a new year tea. Lunar New Blend Ingredients:

    • 黃山梅花 Huangshan Cherry Blossom 
    • 洛陽牡丹 Peony Buds
    • 平陽玫瑰 Red Roses
    • 法國玫瑰 French Pink Roses
    • 金桂花 Osmanthus
    • 天山雪菊 Snowy Chrysanthemums 
    • 胎菊 Chrysanthemums Buds
    • 野菊 Wild Chrysanthemums 
    • 月光白 Waning Crescent Pu-erh
    • 有機毛尖 Organic Mao Jian

    $60 for 50g including canister.  

    while quantities last!

  • $60.00

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