• Season’s Blend Collection 季節香茶系列

    Tea Gift Collection

  • This collection features Olivia’s most prized Season’s Blends from years past, and includes this year’s feature blend as well.

    A decadent holiday collection. Each tea is blended with premium quality ingredients and organic black teas.

    • Season’s Blend Symphony of Lights - organic china black, pineapple, mango, rose buds, lavender
    • Season’s Blend Romantic Peony - organic black, calendula, sunflower, peony flower, lavender
    • Season’s Blend Luscious Garden - cornflower, lychee black, organic black, rose hip
    • Season‘s Blend Citrus Melody - organic black, blood orange peel, bergamot
    • Bamboo tea scoop
    • Each tin is 50 grams


    • $46.50

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