• 2013 Pu-erh Mini Waffle Tea Brick (Raw/Sheng)

    Pu-erh Tea Cakes - Raw/Sheng

  • 2013 Pu-erh Mini Waffle Tea Brick Raw(Sheng)

    Treasure Green Yunnan Bing Dao Tea Mountain

    妙品馨獨家古樹茶磚 妙品馨冰島茶山

    生磚 80克 2013
    • Product Code: PY222
    Raw/Sheng Pu-erh Mini Waffle has a forward floral and complexity in layers of taste, sweetness follows sip after sip. Compressed mini waffle brick designed to break apart easily into brewing portions. Each mini waffle is 80 grams in weight.
    Premium Pu-erh tea gives a great tea experience. Each tea brick is elegantly wrapped in natural xuan paper (calligraphy paper) blended with spring tea leaves.
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    Brewing Instructions:

    1. Choice of teapot, terracotta or porcelain
    2. Break off 1 small square from the brick for 125 ml of water
    3. Water temperature 95°C or 203°F
    4. Rinse tea leaves by pouring hot water on the leaves and drain water out immediately
    5. Do not need to re-broil water as long as the water remains at 90°C or 194°F
    6. Pour water again on the tea leaves steep for 25-30 seconds for the 1st infusion
    7. 20 seconds for the 2nd brew or 3rd brew
    8. Add 5 seconds to each subsequent brews, water temperature at 90°C or 194°F.
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    2013 Pu-erh Mini Waffle Tea Brick (Raw/Sheng)

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