• Pi Lo Chun Green Tea First Flush

    Green Tea

  • Pi Lo Chun Green Tea TG140800 江蘇 碧螺春 

    • silky & delicate

    One of the Ten Most Famous Chinese Teas, a.k.a. Bi Luo Chun. It is deceptively soft and mild, fresh aromatic, smooth and mellow green tea. It is known for its fruity taste and lingering floral aroma and sweetness.

    The name literally means “blue snail spring”, which is inspired by its delicate spiral shape. The first infusion is strong and has a lasting aftertaste. Second infusion features a more complex shifting fruity, flowery and nutty notes in the taste.

    It is nice to be back from my buying trip to China, I brought back some fantastic First Flush Premium Green Teas. First flush is the first pick of the year; the tea leaves are the most delicate, precious and limited in quantity. 

    • Antioxidant Level: High
    • Caffeine Content: Low
    • Origin: Jiangsu, China
    • Product Code: GJ170
    • $33.00

    Pi Lo Chun Green Tea First Flush

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