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    Our Mystery Taster Pack is your chance to try some of Treasure Green’s finest and most exclusive teas for a steal. Expand your taste buds and explore our monthly mystery teas, we promise to serve you only the best.

    Mystery Tea #1 - 2012 Xin ‘馨’ Six Treasure Raw/Sheng Pu-erh Teacake

    This Treasure Green exclusive pu-erh teacake is produced in Xi Shuang Ban Na, Yunnan, China and hand pressed by our own Tea Master Olivia.

    It is part of a full collection of four premium quality teacakes, that when together, spell out Treasure Green’s Chinese name.

    Some of the health benefits that come with this tea include reduced cholesterol, improved digestion, and fat burning. This raw pu-erh is very delicate in flavour and has a persistent floral aroma that carries on after 10 brews.

    Our collection has been aged for 5 years and with each year, the flavour and texture of the tea changes dramatically. This particular season of Fall 2017 has brought the leaves to a very full-bodied and vibrant floral flavour.  7g per pack, two packs

    Mystery Tea #2 - Zhang Ping Shui Xin Oolong

    This unique pressed Oolong tea is produced by one of the most well-established tea companies, Chan Tai Cheng. The company has been around for over 100 years and has roots dating back to the Qing Dynasty.

    This tea has won national awards for its incredible quality and meticulous preparation. The key to making this pressed tea is using a rarely-used traditional drying method which involves five drying stages, while the typical method only requires one. Its leaves are grown in a mountainous region of Fujian where there are equal portions of sun and shade.

    The Zhang Pin Shui Xian is full of medicinal benefits: it is low in acidity, great for detoxing, cleansing, and expelling dampness from the body.

    Its taste profile resembles the aroma of the Shui Xin flower or Chinese Lily; smooth, subtle, and sweet. It is so rich in flavour and complexity that this remarkable Shui Xin tea can last over 15 brews.  10-12g per pack, two packs.

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October Mystery Taster Pack

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