• Imperial Orchid Dan Cong Oolong 芝蘭香單樅

    Oolong Tea

  • Imperial Orchid Dan Cong Oolong 單樅

    A truly elegant oolong that is rich in flavour and velvet-y smooth in texture. This tea is harvested from Wu Dong Mountain in Guangdong and takes its name from its natural honey, orchid sweetness. Enjoy a persistent fruity flavour lasting over 8 brews. 

    • Antioxidant Level: Medium
    • Caffeine Content: High
    • Brews: 4g for 125ml at 90°C for 30 seconds,
      add time after 4th infusion. Also great for cold infusions
    • Origin: Guangdong, China
    • Product Code: LG238
    • $95.00

    Imperial Orchid Dan Cong Oolong 芝蘭香單樅

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