• Eight Treasures Tea Gift Collection 八寶藏茶禮盒

    Tea Gift Collection

  • A great treat for the all time tea lover. Each premium tea is selected from the most famous tea regions in China. Beautifully presented in Treasure Green’s signature gift box.  

    • Floating Scent Iron Buddha beautiful amber colour, most naturally aromatic Chinese tea, lingering floral scent, well balanced, sweet aftertaste, a beautiful tea that gives a round, intense aroma with a velvety liquor, Origin: Anxi, Fujian, China 飄香清觀音
    • Organic White Peony Special Grade silky & delicate, bestseller, fresh and pure fragrance, mellow taste with noticeable sweetness, apricot liquor colour, bright and clean, Origin: Fuding, Fujian, China 有機牡丹王
    • Superior Wuyi Aged Golden Buddha beautifully fragrant leaves with a complex bouquet of roasted and floral scent, distinctive floral and charcoal fragrances are long lasting, tastes are rich and smooth on the palate, Origin: Wuyi Mountain, Fujian, China 武夷極品金佛
    • Yin Hao Jasmine Green aromatic & elegant, premium quality green tea scented with large jasmine silver tips, taste is soft, velvety, with mild sweetness, aroma is superb and daring, Origin: Fujian, China 銀毫
    • Bamboo Mini Tea Cakes (Cooked/Shou) 2008 mini tea cakes shaped like a coin, mild woody note flavour, full-bodied flavourful texture, sweetness in the finish by the 3rd infusion, Origin: Yunnan, China 竹殼普洱小餅熟餅
    • Top Grade Yunnan Pu-erh Tea 2000 bestseller, mellow, full mouthfeel, smooth with sweetness at the finish, opens to a fantastic rich complexity taste, Origin: Yunnan, China 珍藏云南普洱茶
    • Yunnan Imperial Golden Bud black tea, bestseller, sweet, gentle aroma, tastes smooth and deep, substantial body, lingering earthy aroma, known for its smoothness, complexity of flavour, honey like sweetness in the finish, Origin: Yunnan, China 貢品滇紅
    • Guizhou Green Supreme harvested from the plateau of Yunnan and Guizhou border, clean environment, natural rich soil, perfect climate makes a remarkable green tea, mild flowery floral and a hint of vegetal note, full flavour, sweet finishing, Origin: Guizhou, China 貴州綠

    Maximize your tasting experience with brewing instructions for each of these premium teas. Happy Brewing!

  • $195.00

Eight Treasures Tea Gift Collection 八寶藏茶禮盒

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