• Double Happiness Taster Pack

    Treasure Green Tea Company

  • Each month we feature a taster pack of premium teas for your taste enjoyment.  A great way to explore the incredible variety and tastes of our premium teas. 

    In February, we are celebrating the Lunar New Year and Valentine’s.  Enjoy!

    Kick off the new year with a silky, smooth tea. “Perfect 10” is blended in house with ten freshly harvested ingredients that perfectly complement each other.

    Perfect 10 is used to celebrate love and happiness.  Beyond its symbolic significance, this tea is very calming and contains many vitamins, making it especially healthy. 15g
    White Gold Nuggets is pressed white tea that is filled with antioxidants and tastes sweet and flavorful. Gold nuggets symbolizes prosperity and wealth.  4 pieces
    Butterfly Love Artisan Jasmine is like a handcrafted bouquet of flowers that is beautiful to see, taste and smell.  4 pieces

    • $29.00

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