• 2008 Bamboo Mini Pu-erh Tea Cakes (Cooked/Shou)

    Pu-erh Tea Cakes - Cooked/Shou

  • 2008 Bamboo Mini Pu-erh Tea Cakes (Cooked/Shou) 200g

    2008 竹普洱小(熟餅 200 克

    Each 200g tube contains approximately 16 cooked mini tea cake (~10g) shaped like a coin.  The flavour has a mild woody note with full bodied flavourful texture, sweetness in the finish by the 3rd infusion.  

    • Product Code: PY244
    • Origin: Menghao, Yunnan, China

    Note: ½ teacake gives two-three servings. These teacakes are hand pressed, so some cakes were pressed tighter and will unfold faster than others. Use a shorter brew time for this tea.

    Brewing Instructions:

    • use ½ a teacake for 125ml teapot
    • rinse tea once with 95C water
    • 1st infusion 90C for 25 seconds
    • 2nd infusion 90C for 5 seconds
    • 3rd infusion 90C for 10 seconds
    • subsequent brews 90C for 25 -30 seconds
    • lasts for 5-6 brews.
  • $36.50

2008 Bamboo Mini Pu-erh Tea Cakes (Cooked/Shou)

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