• Jingdezhen Gaiwan 景德鎮 蓋碗 AWJ5195

    Jingdezhen Porcelain

  • Jingdezhen Gaiwan 景德鎮 蓋碗 

    • Product Code: AWJ5195
    • Product Name:  The Sun Rise  斗彩 旭日東升
    • Capacity: 200 ml
    • Material:  Fine Jingdezhen Porcelain 
    • Hand-painted. "Dou Cai" is a type of Jingdezhen workmanship for multi colour rather than the traditional "Qing Hua" (blue and white).   the fine porcelain has gone thru a high temperature kiln of 1300 C.   Ideal for brewing any tea type.   
    • $55.00

    Jingdezhen Gaiwan 景德鎮 蓋碗 AWJ5195

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