• 1993 Xiaguan Pu-erh Xiao Tuo Cha (bestseller)

    Pu-erh Tea Cakes - Cooked/Shou

  • 1993 Xiaguan Pu-erh Xiao Tuo Cha Cooked/Shou

    Xiaguan Tea Factory

    下關普洱小沱 下關茶廠 熟沱 1993

    Xiaguan, Yunnan is well-known for producing quality Tuo Cha. Each Xiao Tuo Cha (mini tea cake) is hand pressed and individually wrapped in rice paper, cellared and aged. The great care taken in the storage process contributes to this tea’s beautiful, balanced flavour. The subtle woody rich flavour and full-bodied texture is perfect to accompany or enjoy after meals. The great “Cha Qi” (energy) is lifting but not abrasive. This is one of my favourite teas to relax and unwind.

    Special Brewing method: 

    1. One piece of Tuo Cha (5g) for 125ml (4oz) Terracotta or Porcelain teapot
    2. Water temperature should be 100°C (212°F)
    3. Warm teapot, faircup and teacups
    4. Rinse tea and pour out immediately
    5. 1st brew steep for 30 seconds
    6. 2nd brew steep for 25 seconds
    7. Water temperature 95°C (203°F) for subsequent brews
    8. Each additional brews add 10 seconds
    9. It should last for 5 to 6 brews
    • Origin: Yunnan
    • Product CodePX095
  • $42.00

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