• 1980s Dunhuang Tie Guan Yin 敦煌鐵觀音

    Iron Buddha Tea (Tieguanyin)

  • 1980s Dunhuang Tie Guan Yin (Iron Buddha Tea)

    1980’s 敦煌鐵觀音 福建

    Private Collection Rare Premium Tea – Treasure Green Tea Company

    DunHaung Tieguanyin is one of the premium teas that we imported in the early 1980s. The tea has aged beautifully in our cellar for over three decades and over the years this “Lao Cha” (Aged Tea) has developed a rich, flavourful taste. The subtleness and smooth mouth feel are elegantly balanced. This rare tea’s sweetness releases in the 4th to 5th brew. You would also feel the “Cha Qi”, energy, well into the 6th and 7th brews. This tea can lasts for over 10 brews with Gong Fu Style brewing. This tea will truly bring you an extraordinary tea experience.  

    Special Brewing method:

    1. Full package of tea in a 125ml (4oz) Terracotta Teapot
    2. Water temperature 100°C (212°F)
    3. Warm teapot, faircup and teacups
    4. Rinse tea and pour out immediately
    5. 1st brew steep for 15 seconds
    6. Water temperature 95°C (203°F) for subsequent brews
    7. 2nd brew steep for 15 seconds
    8. 3rd brew step for 15 seconds
    9. Each additional brews add 5-10 seconds
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  • $38.50

1980s Dunhuang Tie Guan Yin 敦煌鐵觀音

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