Updates to Treasure Green Tea Company - New Logo

Updates to Treasure Green Tea Company 
'Celebrating Our 30th Anniversary' in 2011

We are extremely excited to present our new logo and brand evolution.  Treasure Green’s eagerness will continue to offer the best selection of quality teas and fine experiences. 

Treasure Green Tea Company
The new logo embraces and respects our heritage and at the same time represents our excitement as we celebrate our 30th Anniversary and embrace the future.  The brown and green symbolize the diversity of our tea types and the wide range of non-fermented to fully fermented teas.  Most importantly it reflects the energy and liveliness in a modern tea world, while continuing to honour our rich legacy. 

In the center of leaf is the original Chinese calligraphy writing created by my father, the founder, and represents the integrity, quality and consistency of our products and the family business. 

The word is the first character in the Chinese name of our business and contains a very special insightful meaning.

Treasure Green Tea Company

My father, Mr. Kwok Sun Cheung started the business in 1981.  His vision to choose this character was with the full intent that one day the business would be carried on by one of his daughters.  Luckily it is me.

The word has two parts to it, the character on the left means “girl” and the character on the right means “young”.  ... I was a young girl then.  Two parts together forms the word “amazing” or “extraordinary”.  ... of course that's me now, ha ha ...!  

I am very proud of my father and his insightfulness and creativity, and I am happy to share this great story with you.

Let us celebrate together this year for our 30th Anniversary as we unveil the many special events that come ahead.  Lets keep connected and 'unwind with the wildness of tea'.


Thank you for being a loyal customer and good friend.

Cheers, Olivia