Brewing Guides

Tea Master Olivia

Tips on making the perfect pot of Chinese tea. Teas within each category are unique. please use this is as a guide to match individual tastes.

  1. Always start by cleaning and washing the tea pot with boiling water
  2. Place a generous pinch of tea leaves in the warm pot and rinse them with hot water. This action brings out the initial flavour of tea leaves
  3. Add hot water a second time, at the correct temperature
  4. Depending on the type of tea leaves, the amount of water used also varies
  5. Proper brewing time is essential
  6. Warm tea cups with hot water
  7. Never fill up a cup at a time. Arrange the cups in a circle and pour the brew out in a continuous circular motion.
  8. In other words, pour a small amount of tea into each cup in a few rounds until they are full. This ensures the taste of the tea is perfectly balanced.

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