Pu-erh Tea Brewing Guide

Treasure Green provides you techniques in brewing the best cup of Pu-erh Tea

Choice of Teapot:               Terracotta teapot highly recommended, no glassware
Size of Teapot:                    150 ml terracotta teapot
Other Tools:                        Faircup, tea strainer, tongs, teacups and tea towel
Recommended:                  Induction kettle, tea tray
Quantity:                             6 grams of tea (2 teaspoons)
Serving:                              4 tasting cup (each cup 35 ml)
Water Temperature:            Full boil 100°C degree at rinsing and 1st infusion
Additional infusions 90-95°

  1. Pouring boiling water to wash and pre-warm teapot, faircups and tasting cups
  2. Rinse the leaves
  3. Depending on the age of the pu-erh, when it is more aged rinsing the leaves twice is a good practice no matter it is raw or cooked pu-erh.
  4. Simply pour boiling water over the leaves from a higher position this allows the water to push the smaller fanning leaves from the bottom to the top. Fill teapot with boiling water to the brim.
  5. Using the lid of the teapot to swipe away the smaller fanning leaves and bubbles on the service, this way the small leaves will not plug up the sprout. And gaining a better control of the flavor when leaves are more in the same size. The fanning leaves and bubbles on the lid should be rinsed off by pouring hot water on it, otherwise you are putting it all back into the teapot and the lid will not fit on the pot properly.
  6. Drain the water completely
  7. Ready to brew! Pour boiling water on leaves in the lower and circular motion and fill it to the brim, this ensure even penetration of water in the leaves.
  8. Cover the teapot with the lid; pour boiling water over the teapot. This ensures a consistent temperature thru out the pot
  9. Empty the hot water from the faircup and tasting cup in preparation for serving the tea
  10. Steep for 25 seconds for the first brew for teacakes and bricks.
  11. Steep for 15 seconds for the first brew for loose tea leaves as loose leaves take less time to unfurl
  12. Drain tea completely to faircup and serve to tasting cups
  13. Leave the lid open between each brew
  14. Each additional brew, water temperature can be just under boiling point 90-95°C
  15. Steeping time should not be increased in the second or third brews, as the leaves are unfurling, adding time will make it over brewed
  16. Steeping time should be gradually increased in the fourth brew and onward
  17. Typically pu-erh teas would last for 8 to 9 brews, depending on amount of tealeaves, the age of the tea, and tools used.
  18. Observe the tea cloud from the cup. Enjoy the complexity of Treasure Green's Premium Pu-erh Teas.